Human Resources Development Agency

    Human Resources Development Agency

In 2017, the Agency started working as a partner on a project under the Cross-Border Cooperation Program INTERREG V-A Romania - Bulgaria 2014-2020 - "Danube Ecotourism". HRDA is involved in the activities related to trainings for developing the competencies of public authorities and non-governmental organizations from the cross-border region in the field of sustainable tourism and the organization of fam trips in the Danube Region. The lead partner of the project is the Access for All Association from Romania, with partners the Ministry of Tourism of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Tourism of Romania. The project has a total value of 735 766 euro and the budget of the HRDA is 207 155 euro.

In 2009 the Agency started work as a partner in a multilateral Leonardo da Vinci - ITP – project “European Manager for Export and Import (EmfEI)”. The role of the Agency is related to qualification training and the implementation of the modules and organizing the certification process for Bulgaria. Co-ordinator is LEB Bildungsstatte, Germany, with partners from Spain, France, Romania and Bulgaria and its value is EUR 343 000.

In 2009 HRDA was a partner in a project „VISIBLE Validation Issues a Basis for Learning Evaluation” under Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci, implemented by the national Association of Regional Development Agencies and Business Centres (BARDA). The Agency has organized the conduction of a training under the project in the town of Ruse.

The Agency is a co-organiser of the 9th CEEC Congress of European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA), held on 9-10 September 2009 in Ruse.

In 2007 HRDA took part in the implementation of a PHARE Program project related to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy – “Creation of a center for training of adult people” at PGSAG “Penio Penev”; the project was worth 214 276 EUR. HRDA developed two new programs for professional training of adult people – “Real Estate Brokers” and “Building Renovation”.

Since 2006 HRDA, together with BSC SME – Ruse, Bulgaria, works in the business component section of a World Bank project “Restoration of wetlands”, financed by the Austrian government and targeted at aiding agricultural producers and farmers in consulting and crediting, including representatives of various minorities. The project also includes training which aims to introduce the beneficiaries to ecological agriculture.

The main project partner – BSC SME – has worked on this since the very beginning of the program in 2001. The region, that the program covers, is the district of Ruse and the wetland areas “Kalimok – Brashlian” and “Persina”. BSC SME was the first institution that started to aid small agricultural producers, and with the inclusion of HRDA, representatives of various minority groups were also supported.

The organization, with the help of the Austrian government and through analysis of the agricultural producers’ needs, created a revolving fund, aimed at aiding agricultural producers and organizing consultations in various areas.

Due to expansion of the fund and increased interest and needs of agricultural producers, in 2006 HRDA started to work together with BSC SME in order to aid agricultural producers.

The main activity of HRDA is consulting, project preparation aid and consultations targeted at further activity development.

The main beneficiaries are minority groups from the Slivo Pole municipality. Until this moment the two organizations have consulted more than 150 agricultural producers from Slivo Pole, 35 producers from minority groups have been given credits.